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Welcome, For those that are not familiar with our work, we have a website at www.savewater.tk We have been devoted to get this site up and running, with the little time that we have.  I know it is not perfect, but hopefully soon it will be funtional.  This is the are where we will post news, and other tips and tricks.  We will also have an audio podcast.  This is a recorded show that we will try to do monthly.  You will be able to hear about what is going on, and what you can do to contribute.  This is highly recommended, and we would like to thank www.podbean.com for supporting us, as well as iTunes.  That's right iTunes!  They will hopefully accept our podcast, and you can subscribe Free through the iTunes Store.  So you can listen to it on your computer, ipod, or mp3 player!  Keep in touch, and hopefully soon, we will get this masterpiece (*cough* *cough*) up and running. :)